Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Around the time we moved from our apartment on Cory Ave to the House that Love Built, my computer was taken out by malware (my husband says I can't prove it was from Hindi music sites...) It took me until last weekend to reformat it and get my last 4 years of photo files back, but I am doing a little dance of joy, because they ARE back, and I am converted into a salesperson for online backup services.

So. Now that we're back up and running in a room of my very own, affectionately known as the studio, I've got some plans.

There's a lot to share, aside from the aforementioned collection of food love Megan and I made...

I'm hoping to solidify some of my writing in this space this year, and to help me kick start, I treated myself to Jen Lee's journal - I'd love to encourage you to pick one up for yourself, and take the journey with us.

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wendy said...

Thank you for wandering to my blog. There is a nesty nest nest awaiting your shipping addy. Namaste, Wendy aka Mother Rising