Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twin Ponds Toys

Introducing a new project:

My Uncle Kirk's toy company and blo
g (to be managed by me). He loves to be in his workshop - and has been thrilled with the reaction my boys have to his work. Recently, he donated a castle and two of his trucks to Tenzarelli's school for their spring auction.

He wants to see how much interest there is, and we are hoping to set up a little online shop for him soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I started the draft of this post the day after St.Patty's.
Since then,
I went back to the office 25 hours a week (a few hours EVERY day)
Prepared my house for 20 showings (yes, still for sale)
And all the rest of normal life with a teething babe and a five year old.
But here is the post anyhow, all these days later:

Tenzarelli thought it might be a good year to catch a leprechaun "so he will give us his pot of gold". I won't disagree.

So a trap was constructed:

the inside featured a shamrock nightlight he found at Momo's house and some paper shamrocks "so he will feel at home"

In the morning, we checked the trap, and, lo and behold:

A tiny green shoe with gold laces. Woah.
Now trap mods are underway since this trap only caught a shoe.