Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Six years ago today, my Tenzin Dawa came into the world - he decided it was time after a day of Pala Dhondup and I picking apples. It's no wonder that we go through many, many pounds of apples due to his amazing apple eating capabilities.

You amaze me as you grow into yourself more and more, sharpening 20 pencils before breakfast and learning to be a big brother. You challenge me to be worthy of imitation, because you don't miss anything.

Enjoy a bowl full of edamame in the pod, some salmon and avacado sushi and think of a sweet boy who is SIX today.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

almost six...

the milkweed "seed babies" are flying... another sure sign that a certain boy's birthday is oh so near..

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Saturday, October 3, 2009


Went by too fast...
I became a juggler with too many balls, and some of them fell.
But Pala Dhondup has held steadfast to the new house, and is installing the most beautiful floors for our family in literally every free moment, while Tenzarelli makes the dirt pile in back his castle.

There was one ball I kept held high, a project near and dear to my heart and one that Tenzarelli looks forward to every year and this year. Mr. Tenzarelli eagerly worked to share it this year with his kindergarden class - helping sew each silk a seam to slip their finger knitting through - and we came tromping over the meadow with Jamaploo in the Ergo backpack, his hand on one side of the basket, mine on the other. All of the children brought their marigolds and the goldenrod we'd collected on our morning walk and we gently added them to the big pot while teacher built the fire with the wood the children struggled to carry and pull in the wagon.

We sang "The light of heaven comes to earth, so that the colors may come to birth" as each child reverantly took a turn stirring the flowers in the pot with a stick.

It bubbled and the flowers gave their color to our dye all day, and when the bell rang to announce the beginning of the Michaelmas celebration for the school, the children all came back to dip their silks into the pot we'd nurtured.

As evening fell, the silks hung vibrantly over the meadow drying and a rainbow emerged over us just as it was time for the play to commence. The knight Micheal came forth in the circle of villagers and slayed the evil dragon. The golden capes we made will help all of Tenzarelli's friends remember this day and overcome the dragons they might encounter in the future...