Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still knitting

I have been a knitter for awhile... a basic hat and scarf knitter keeping to size 10 needles... I believe I have even said "I won't knit a sock until I am a grandma..."


(Hey, a baby sock is still a sock! I even knit the other one!)

When I was pregnant with the Jampaloo I became a real knitter. If you saw me at a restaurant with Pala and Tenzarelli at that time, you noticed the little trail of yarn flowing out of my bag. I made hats, LOTS of hats for the babe and all of the other wee ones coming into our lives. On size 1 needles even. Woah.

Here's our winter fave for the Jampaloo:

And the hats are still flying off the needles (well, maybe not quite as fast as while I was pregnant, but in my mind, completeing ANYTHING these days means it flew.)

Ravelry has played a big part in this development. What an amazing resource. I found the sock pattern because I purchased the yarn on impulse without a project in mind (naughty!) and typed in the yarn name (Rhythm by Jojoland) and, voila! sock pattern!

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