Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Six years ago today, my Tenzin Dawa came into the world - he decided it was time after a day of Pala Dhondup and I picking apples. It's no wonder that we go through many, many pounds of apples due to his amazing apple eating capabilities.

You amaze me as you grow into yourself more and more, sharpening 20 pencils before breakfast and learning to be a big brother. You challenge me to be worthy of imitation, because you don't miss anything.

Enjoy a bowl full of edamame in the pod, some salmon and avacado sushi and think of a sweet boy who is SIX today.


MeganMonday said...

He's so BIG alyssa.
Looking at this picture of him and the candles, just so old looking. He was JUST a little 4m old, being held upsidedown by his momma, JUST a 1 year old, crying at my wedding, JUST a 4 y old, saying he would "never come back to ny".

gardenmama said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy and to you mama!