Friday, July 17, 2009

Mulberry Pie (I heart butter)

My mom has a mulberry tree behind her house that has been the favorite haunt of Tenzarelli every year round about this time since he was a toddler. My boy can pick berries. He is like a little bear in the berry patch, not a mulberry makes it in the door.

So, for pie, I pick without him and guard my bucket from his grin and say "Now little Sal, you run along and pick your own berries, mother wants to make these into pie"

My new favorite way to make pie:

Easy and you get the perfect amount of crust with every bite. Here comes the I heart butter part:

Our local farmer's market has a vendor who sells FRESH butter - from pastured cows (not certified organic, but local and hormone free) and it is darn good. The best part? $3.50/lb. I used it for the pie and believe me, it is the best pie crust ever. I already love butter in general, but should you come and peek into my freezer this winter (once market is over for the season,) you may just find it full of the waxy white paper wrapped bricks of this lovely stuff.

Mulberry Pies:

1 batch pie crust (I use 1/2 lb butter, 2 c white flour, 1 c wheat, a bit of salt and sugar and ice water in the food processor.)


3 cups mulberries (OK to leave stems on, hand pick or use my new favorite method of a shower curtain liner on the ground upon which the mulberries fall after you shake the tree vigorously)

2/3 c sugar

1/3 c flour

Roll crust out and cut into squares, place in muffin tin, spoon in filling, fold up corners and bake at 375 until golden and bubbly.

Eat em with fresh whipping cream

Tenzarelli did eat one, but he'd prefer his berries unadulterated. That's OK, more pie for me. (I shared with the birthday girl, too)

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