Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twin Ponds Toys

Introducing a new project:

My Uncle Kirk's toy company and blo
g (to be managed by me). He loves to be in his workshop - and has been thrilled with the reaction my boys have to his work. Recently, he donated a castle and two of his trucks to Tenzarelli's school for their spring auction.

He wants to see how much interest there is, and we are hoping to set up a little online shop for him soon.


vfg said...

excited to see more of this...

So...finally finished my "craft it forward" bits & need your address so I can mail you your little spring something.

to three_goats(at), please!

Cosmo DK said...

I think the toys are WONDERFUL.

Please encourage him to keep playing in his workshop!

I don't know if I can afford such splendor, but I'd love to know what he'd charge for the toys.